Modular Design and Fabrication

What is Modular Design & Fabrication?

Eton Modular specializes in the design, manufacturing and management of projects using modular construction.

Prefabrication is a proven alternative to traditional construction methods. Eton Modular’s modules are manufactured off-site in China and are delivered complete with finishes, fit out and furniture to suit the project’s requirements. Their installation forms the key structural elements of the building.

The modules are built using mature manufacturing technology adapted from the automotive industry and use only the latest concepts in architectural and structural design.

Off-Site Manufacturing
The modules are manufactured in China by a UK owned and managed foreign enterprise. With ISO 9000, LEAN and Six Sigma certified manufacturing facilities, our manufacturing partners have the ability to complete the 600 modules every three months.

Built to the exacting standards of ISO 9001 and the Building Code of Australia, they modules are designed to client’s specifications. Registered engineers, electricians, plumbers, builders and sustainable practitioners manage, oversee and test all fabrication and fit-out.

The modules are made of high tensile, corrosion resistant steel that complies with International Standards. The walls, floors and ceilings are insulated to current building regulations for optimal acoustic and thermal performance. The base modules are available in a variety of dimensions and can be stacked in a range of combinations, including multi-storey.

With fail-safe locking mechanisms, assembly is simple, fast, safe and built on industry standard foundation systems. The modules are weatherproof and the interiors remain protected throughout the assembly process. Fully customisable, modules can be fitted out to the clients specifications before arrival on site. In addition, modular solutions have minimal exposure to the logistical and weather related delays commonly encountered in traditional construction.

The module structure provides support for external and common areas, such as cladding, roof systems, stairwells, corridors, balconies and communal spaces. Connections designed into the module exterior allow simple interfacing with existing construction foundation, cladding and roofing systems.

Internal finish
The modules are supplied either insulated and lined ready for fit-out or fully fitted depending on the client’s requirements.

The base module is fitted with interior walls and plasterboard and can include a fitted bathroom, living room, bedroom and/or kitchen. This can incorporate all wiring, lighting, plumbing, mechanical services, air conditioning, furnishings, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment and entertainment systems.


Modular Uses

    • Low & High Rise Residential Development
    • Mine and Key Worker Accommodation
    • Offices & Commercial Premises
    • Hotels & Services Apartments
    • Temporary Accommodation
    • Student Accommodation
    • Nursing Homes
    • Hospitals
    • Prisons